Friday, October 23, 2009

Baseball's championship series (or serieses...serii? what's the plural of 'series'?)

I have enjoyed the baseball playoffs on television. So there you go. I don't understand the horrible, really non-understandable poor umpiring, but it's still been fun because I have no real team interest, just the game. Gun to my head, I'd like Phillies-Angels; but please don't put a gun to my head. And Casey two weeks ago picked Werth to be the Series MVP, so I've been pulling for him. He's the Phillies right fielder and I guess he was born with a little bitty dip of Copenhagen in his mouth. His lip seems permanently pooched out.

But when you watch two weeks of playoffs you see the same commercials over and over. Not good. Except I really do like these two. (They may have been on for months but really, I haven't watched much TV for months so they're new to me!) One is the Travelers dog trying to protect his investment -- click here for the minute-long version. And the other is the ETrade baby; I love the guy who sings. The ETrade baby schooling a guy in golf, the Shankapotamus, is a good commercial too.