Thursday, February 11, 2010


Grinded the first half at my little sister's, then we darted back to the Big Screen in Ruston to grind half No. 2. I would have bet a zillion dollars on the Colts, if I were a better man. And would have lost a zillion. Plus juice! The Colts had 25 or 26 guys on the team who'd won a Super Bowl a couple of years before; it's hard to go against that kind of experience when the two teams are pretty evenly matched, and when one has a four-time MVP at the wheel. But you know what a great equalizer is? Big receivers against little defensive backs. And defense. And not turning the ball over. The Saints didn't. When the subject is turnovers, nothing besides the final score is a better indicator, on average, of who will win/did win an NFL game.

I am now a believer, officially, and I think it's clear the Saints were the best team in football this year. And they're fun to watch!

My mother is fine. She had her Peyton jersey on, his picture hanging, her Peyton action figure by the television. But she was prepared for a Saints victory. She called 10 minutes after the game to say she was OK and that the season had indeed been a wild ride. You know what will be fun? -- to see how Peyton Manning and the Colts and their rookie head coach react in their offseason and next year. And how the Saints do too. I don't think you can expect a letdown from the Saints. Their victory, and all the collateral stuff, adds fuel to the fire.

I tried to crank out something for Sunday, a bit longer than usual, to tie in with Valentine's Day. Hope it worked.