Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Years ago I met some nice nice people in Pleasant Hill. Mrs. Dykes asked me over for supper. Her granddaughters were there; one of those granddaughters, Paula, has a husband and two little girls now. One of the little girls, Alli, was rushed to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in February, diagnosed with a kind of cancer called neuroblastoma. Alli is 4.

A few things...
There is a website called and you can meet Alli there. Log in, choose a password, and then type alli_gator_callender. Paula's former pastor has kept me up to speed, said I would be "pretty amazed" at what I saw, and he was right...In his most recent note he said..."Alli is still at St. Jude, recovering from surgery last Friday; she is now 90% cancer free after having gone through the surgery and 2 pretty hard rounds of chemo. If you check that Caring Bridge site ... you can follow her journey and see the amazing response of people all over the world!"

Click HERE for a recent story from KNOE-TV about Alli, and for more information about the St. Jude Dream Home you could win in support of the hospital, Alli, other patients, and research.