Saturday, July 9, 2011

Travel Squad

Part of the 9-10 grade boys Sunday School class and some of the other usual suspects went to The Ballpark in Arlington Tuesday. Left on the church bus at 12:25 and got back at 3 a.m.

Rangers 4, Orioles 2. It was a beautiful trip and added to the beautiful experiences in and around this ballpark.

The travel squad is pictured above.

Highlight: You can barely see his head, in the middle, in the back. Sunshades. That head belongs to Garrett Patterson, who'll be in the 11th grade at Ruston High this fall. When O's first sacker Derek Lee homered, Garrett, with his cell phone in his right hand, reached over his body and, on reflex about 20 rows up in the lower left field seats, caught the homer barehanded with this "glove" (left) hand.

I was impressed. As were those around Garrett. They gave him a hand then requested, since the tater was hit by Baltimore, that he throw it back. He did, immediately. Chunked a one-hopper to Rangers left fielder and AL MVP Josh Hamilton.

It was "a moment." A proud one. And we haven't even worked on fly-ball catching in Sunday School.