Thursday, August 9, 2007

Out in the cornfield, and back in the day...

Back in the 1970s, Linda Brown of Ft. Worth -- a dedicated reader of the Teddy column and blog, so we really like her a lot -- won a "Share a Joke" contest and got to Live The Dream -- an appearance on Hee Haw!

She has the pictures to prove it.

One is of her and Gordie Tapp (I have not thought about Gordie Tapp in YEARS! -- he was beautiful as Lavern, the hen-pecked husband of Ida Lee Nagger ) and the other is of her and Eddie Rabbitt.

She and other winners got to be in the cornfield and tell the joke that got them on the show. Here's her brief account -- and we thank her again for sharing these pictures...They're wonderful. I'd have loved to have seen my Hee Haw backstage...


At the time I was living in Colorado Springs so Goober's line was:
"This is Linda Brown from Colorado Springs. Have you lived there all your life?"
Says me, "Not yet."
And there it is, my big Hee Haw moment!
Goober was brilliant. He asked us our jokes, off camera, and all were too long so off the top of his head he gave us all one liners. He was so nice...just like you'd want the Goob to be. That was a fun trip because we also got to go to the Country Music Awards Banquet and met a lot of biggies there.