Monday, August 20, 2007

We're back in business...

Had eight days off, all in a row, for the first time in forever. Won a trip for 8 days to Vegas. Not the nights, just the days. I asked the contest people what we were supposed to do during the nights and the nice lady said, "I don't know, but just make sure you stay your butt out of Las Vegas."

Actually, the trip was to the Redneck Riviera, which I am surprised that a lot of people don't know is another name for Alabama's Gulf Coast, your Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. I am not going to express here how much I love the Redneck Riviera but I will say that it's a lot. I saw a dolphin jump!

Sadly, no one won last week's contest. So I'll give you an easy one today, try to get you back on the ball, see if you can hold down a little soft but solid food. I saw this episode last night while I was eating my nightly before-bedtime cereal.

The winning answer is the one that best qualifies this statement from The Andy Griffith Show. And that is it for today because I am way behind, and looking for a bucket of my own.