Thursday, November 1, 2007

Brad Paisley's Top 10 Songs...

...according to this grab-bag of loyal fans. My list is in the paper today and at the bottom of this blog, but that's just if you want a list that's entirely accurate.


1. “Whiskey Lullaby” -- features Alison Krauss - ‘nough said. Has the whole cheatin' leading to drinkin’ leading to dyin’ thing going.
2. “Online” -- Inspired the best comical video ever shown on CMT -- it features Taylor Swift - ‘nough said.
3. “When I get where I’m going” -- I’m goin’ there too, although hopefully not today. Features Dolly Parton -- ‘nough said.
4. “I’m gonna miss her” a.k.a. “The Fishin’ Song” -- got to interview Bradley for a story on this song.
5. “Ticks” -- One of the most romantic tunes ever penned. Everybody ought to experience a co-tick-picking campout.
6. “Celebrity” -- makes fun of himself and others of his lofty ilk.
7. “He didn’t have to be” -- The kind of song that makes your woman swoon.
8. “We Danced” -- a song about something that never happens in real life, but it’ll make your bartender smile.
9. “Little Moments” -- we all like ‘moments’ whether they’re little or big.
10. “She’s Everything” -- We’re all waitin’ for a woman like that.

ADAM BATCHELOR (he just did 5 because it's a weekday and he can't do 10 because of "union rules," he said.)
5. Online
4. Ticks
3. Alcohol (Mr. Batchelor likes his titles short)
2. Whiskey Lullaby
1. The Fishin' Song

10. Online
9. The Fishin' Song
8. Alcohol
7. Half the Man He Didn't Have to Be
6. Little Moments
5. Celebrity
4. Mud on the Tires
3. Whiskey Lullaby
2. Two People Fell in Love
1. She's Everything

10. Online
9. Fifth Gear
8. Celebrity
7. Whiskey Lullaby
6. The Fishin' Song
5. Mud on the Tires
4. Little Moments
3. Alcohol
2. She's Everything
1. I'm Still a Guy

10. Wrapped Around
9. Time Well Wasted
8. The Cigar Song
7. I’m Still a Guy
6. Letter to Me: “I’m sure it’ll be Song of the Year or something.”
5. The Best Thing I Had Going: “Most of the rest of these are off ‘Mud on the Tires,’ which is only the greatest CD in the history of country music.”
4. Ain’t Nothin’ Like
3. Come on Over Tonight
2. Mud on the Tires
1. Famous People

10. Cornography: Paisley and James Burton trade guitar licks.
9. Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy: Paisley respects his country forefathers. Listen for the Don Rich lick. Rich played guitar for the Buckaroos, as you know -- Buck Owens and the Buckaroos had a huge hit with this tune.
8. Letter to Me
7. Time Well Wasted
6. Mud on the Tires
5. Long Sermon
4. She’s Everything
3. I’ve Been Better
2. Better Than This
1. Waitin’ on a Woman