Wednesday, January 6, 2010

That's my Mailman...

As you NBA fans and gun toters and even you law abiders know, Washington Wizards' star player Gilbert Arenas faces felony gun charges for pulling a gun on a teammate in the locker room.
In Washington, D.C.
Where the gun laws are very strick.
And where the NBA team changed it's team name because of the "guilt by association" situation.

The team nickname used to be Bullets. The Washington Bullets.

Click to read Karl Malone's take on the story to and to see his reaction this morning on CNN. Malone is a spokesman for the National Rifle Association, a future NBA Hall of Famer, and a guy who's played a lot of card games on road trips for some money but has yet to pull a gun on a teammate or arrive at the gym "packin'."
(Pictured: A pair of former NBA players, each a Rifleman.)