Friday, March 12, 2010

Go See 'Picnic'

"Picnic" opened last night at the Dixie Theater in Ruston. I loved my "Picnic'! Everybody did good. (What do I look like - a movie critic?! Back off!)

Casey Allen is my offspring and he plays Alan Seymore, who is played in the 1950s movie by a nice guy who I can see in my head but whose name I can't remember right now and I'm not going to look it up, but take my word for it! William Holden was the shirtless guy and Kim Novak was the pretty girl. This is an ensemble cast that gives you drama and unexpected laughs based on 'real life.'

Showtimes tonight and Saturday at 7:30; Sunday matinee at 2:30. Ten Big Ones for adults and not as much for children. Dixie Season T-shirts on sale for $15. Bring some cash and relax and enjoy this American classic! SEEYA!

"'Picnic' takes place in a small town in Kansas in the 1950's where nothing ever happens. However, life will change when a handsome, mysterious stranger jumps off a train and into the lives of the occupants. The story plays out in the backyards of two neighbors. One is struggling to take care of an elderly mother and the other has two teenage daughters and takes in a spinster boarder to make ends meet. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the annual town-wide picnic. 'Picnic' is a story of safety versus temptation and has earned a reputation as one of America's great classic dramas."