Monday, August 30, 2010

And the winner is ...

Casey Allen.

The RusTony awards were handed out Saturday at the Dixie Theatre in Ruston, a celebration of the recently completed 'show year' from the Ruston Community Theatre. Casey, pictured here when he began his career as a meat pie salesman in the fourth grade, was honored as the Best Actor in a Leading Role for his depiction of the haunted (by family dead and alive) Carl in "A Nice Family Gathering." Casey also won the RCT Players' first People's Choice Award.

I love Casey and am proud of him. And I'm happy he was recognized for something he and his friends worked so hard at and for something he loves so much and feels at home doing.

And I thank RCT for an entertaining season. It's not easy, though they 'act' like it is. Thank you.