Monday, August 9, 2010

Ouch...One of the Darling Boys passes...

Mitch Jayne, 1928-2010

(Mr Jayne was one of The Darlin' Boys of The Andy Griffith Show fame -- but as The Dillards, they were bluegrass pickers and entertainers in their own right, well known and much loved, members of the International Bluegrass Hall of Fame. In this picture of the Darlings, Mr Jayne, player of the standup bass, is the one with the pipe, top left. He co-wrote "Dooley.")

Author, musician and humorist Mitch Jayne, 82, died Monday, Aug. 2, 2010, in Columbia. Jayne was the author of five books, a weekly newspaper column published in the rural Ozarks for 20 years, and more than a dozen bluegrass songs recorded by The Dillards. He hosted a radio show in Salem that attracted national attention for its satire, including the “Snake and Tick Market Report,” a regular feature that reported market prices for Hoo-Boy White Dot Crushproof Dry Valley Wonder Ticks and black, copperhead, coachwhip, garter and rattle snakes.

(From The Columbia Tribune)