Friday, December 10, 2010

1st of a 3-Part Series: 'The Joys of the Season -- No Matter Who You Are'

(My notes from Sunday's effort by Dr Chris at FBC Ruston...)

God Can Do Great Things Through You
Matthew 1
1. No Matter What Your Bloodline Is
v 1-3
Tamar (check out Gen 39 for this part of the 'scandal' of Jesus' bloodline)
Rahab, prostitute
Ruth, non-Jewish woman whose people were enemies of the Jews
Uriah's wife (David's adultry)
Manasseh, sacrificed some of his own children to his pagan god

2. No Matter What Your Past Is
Mt 1:5
Rahab got things right with God
David paid a huge price for his adultry but was forgiven and used by God
Thru Bathsheba's repentance came Solomom
Manessah's repentance came after God smashed him like a grape

3. No Matter Who You Are Today
Mt 1:18
'his mother Mary, and Joseph'... God uses common people

Luke 1:48 "God has been mindful of the humble state of his servant (Mary)."
It is 'funny' that the shepherds were scared when they saw the angels on the night of Jesus' birth but when Mary saw the angel in his passage, she was calm.

Luk 2:10 Jesus' birth was announced through shepherds, who were second-class citizens of the day.

4. No Matter What Your Age Is
Joseph was a teen
Mary was between 13 and 15
Luke 1:57 ... Elizabeth, mom of John the Baptist, was 'barren' and very old

If God is in the mix, great things will happen

* God Can Do Great Things Through You -- IF You Will Let Him

Mt 1:24 -- Joseph did what the angel told him to do
Luke 1:30 -- Mary says 'I am the Lord's servant.'
Luke 2:15 -- Shepherds say 'Let's go see!'

"The price of greatness is responsibility." -- Churchill

Are we willing to BE used...