Monday, December 6, 2010

Absent Friends ... (I am physically sick about this...)

Don Meredith dead at 72. You can read more about it here and watch video.

Dang. The Lipton Tea commercials alone were enough to make you love him. But he was a rock star when Monday Night Football started. Funny. And good buddies in retirement out in Arizona with Roger Miller. I was thinking about them yesterday; there are two guys I would have loved to have met. ...

Got a great VHS at home called "America's Game" with Don Meredith miked in a 1966 or
67 game, I believe. It's a beautiful thing. He's arguing with a referee about a holding call and his offensive lineman walks up and he points and yells, "Get back in that huddle!"

Hurts me...He was fun and funny and good at what he did. That's a hard combination to pull off; it ain't easy being easy, I would imagine. But he did and could, and I appreciate him. Sick about it...I am hoping my mother does not find this out. Who didn't love Dandy Don?