Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Man at The Masters

(Our old friend Donnie Golfgame, who now edits and writes to daylight in Florida, was invited to the Masters and attended Thursday and Friday. Today he filed this small report. I am jealous.)

All I can say about The Masters is that it's everything beautiful I've ever heard about it, and more. It's like Disney World, the way it's run and caters to massive crowds. Like a Disney World you might go to where you can see the most beautiful amusement rides ever and, yet, not be able to ride one gosh-darned ride! All I wanted to do was hit one golf ball -- just one, mind you -- but not one tour pro was willing to give it up to me. (Haha!)

Surreal moment: Standing at the practice range and realizing I was near arms length to Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer -- this just moments before they moved to Hole No. 1 for the ceremonial tee shots, which were both long and straight and well, beautiful to the point of tears...