Monday, June 4, 2007

On vacation, you've got to suck it up

Milk it!:
The man pictured here was almost named Teddy but instead his parents named him Brendan (which is almost the same as Teddy) and I met him this weekend. He and his family -- mom, dad, big brother and big sister -- visited from St. Louis. Here he tackles a milkshake at CheeburgerCheeburger. I thought the veins were going to pop out of his head. His dad is also a milkshake lover, proving again that the apple seldom falls far from the tree.

An email from Stan:
A baby seal walks into a bar.
"What can I get you?" asks the bartender.
The seal says, "Anything but a Canadian Club."

A Bridge Too Far:
Late last week a local couple was stranded overnight in Cross Lake on their overturned boat but, thank goodness, rescued. Not so lucky were their bottom dental plates, lost along with their cell phones and fish they'd caught and everything else.
That was uncomfortable information for many readers, including this one. But look at it this way: now Cross Lake has two more bridges.

Irony Sheriff Alert!:
I have given a battlefield promotion of Deputy Directory, Irony Division, East Coast Bureau, to Donnie Golfgame, a former Shreveporter and Irony Deputy now living in Florida, who mails with this thoughty information.

"Is the fact that the guy creating the national TB scare has a father-in-law who works as a TB specialist for the CDC a coincidence? Or is it irony?...
"The debate goes on.
"I guess if his father-in-law had TB, that would be a coincidence. I think this is clearly a case of irony.
"But that's just me talking."

I consider it a deliciously rich coincidence, but I applaud the effort and bravery of Deputy Director Donnie G. for tackling something of national significance. Also, most people would side with Donnie and this other guy, as Donnie G. relates in this later note...

"Funny thing. I watched Good Morning America this morning. The father-in-law was on. He, himself, called it "the Height of Irony." I'm like, well, maybe that man knows what he's talking about. And right then, someone said, "What a coincidence."

HA!...I love it when the best of both the ironic and coincidental worlds some together.

Our most recent Mayberry After Midnight winner will be announced tomorrow. Until then, good night, and don't step in anything...