Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"I'm Back, Baby...!"

...and you didn't even know I was gone.

But I was, on the annual pilgrimmage to the holy land -- Carolina -- back home for the family reunion and assorted hijinks.

(Hope to have more pics soon; this is the only one that's been released to the media so far. Taken by the AP's Joe Cavaretta in November of 2002, it's of Max Baer Jr., who once played Jethro Bodine on The Beverly Hillbillies television series, relaxing in his Las Vegas home in November. Lord, would he have fit in this weekend. I hope he's gotten a new bedspread since this picture was taken. And a shirt collar.)

But thank you for asking and yes, I had fun -- as much fun as you can have with a bunch of hillbillies. The big thing this reunion was a recent discovery my family made, and four Allens, including yours truly, actually brought some to show everybody. They are called "shoes."

Thanks for the posts in the meantime. A couple of notes along those lines...

JULY 3 POST: Check out the "hair" explanations from Yankee Dan and Gemini especially; interesting explanations for the picture and charity event...

JULY 11 POST: Sandge has an interesting comment on the most recent Mayberry After Midnight post about this Tiller Racing post; like saber tooth tigers and families at reunions, the two feed off each other...(It might be noted that saber tooth tigers are extinct for that very reason. So are saber toothED tigers.)

OK! That said, let's play! Despite impressive competition, Barbara from Oklahoma won our most recent round and will receive a prize should she send her mailing address.

NEW RULE FOR THIS TIME: Just for giggles, the winner will be EITHER the writer who most appropriately and thoroughly explains the button here (as it was used in an actual Andy Griffith Show episode), or the writer who has the best explanation of how the quote could be used -- but wasn't -- on the show.

Good luck, and Gomer says hey...