Monday, July 9, 2007

Sap City

Below you will read an Associated Press story about a man who duct-taped limbs to his body and, disguised as a tree, robbed a bank.

The law cut him down.

This is turning into an epidemic, as these photographs suggest. So, be careful. Especially if you climb one -- you could become an accessory.

This "tree" on the right is wanted for a liquor store robbery in Arizona. Be careful if you see it; it will probably be drunk.

This gang of trees is suspected in five or six ax murders in the Northwest.

This oak is disguising itself as a Chinese fringe tree and holding up dry cleaning establishments in California, mainly around San Francisco and Carmel. This photo was taken by a security camera.

This little "tree," disguised as a big tree, robbed a bank in Birmingham but was not so lucky in its getaway. It is currently serving time in a prison made, coincidentally, of wood. Oh, the irony...

Again, the good guys win sometime. The "tree" below was hauled in for questioning after trying to knock off a Hickory Farms kiosk in December in Des Moines.

Robber disguised as tree hits N.H. bank
Sun Jul 8, 2:54 PM ET

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Leaf it to New Hampshire, where a bank branch was held up by a man disguised as a tree.

Just as the Citizen Bank branch opened Saturday morning, a man walked in with leafy boughs duct-taped to his head and torso, and robbed the place.

"He really went out on a limb," police Sgt. Ernie Goodno said Sunday.

Police said the leafy man didn't saying anything about having a weapon, just demanded cash, and was given an undisclosed amount.

Although the branches and leaves obscured much of the man's face, someone who saw images from the bank's security camera recognized the robber and called police.

Officers said James Coldwell, 49, was arrested early Sunday at his Manchester home and charged with robbery. Arraignment was not expected until Monday.