Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's see here...

Read in the Saturday paper about a guy going to jail on 10 counts of attempted murder. I wouldn't worry about him escaping; he's a guy who can't finish ANYthing.

But even outside the jail, it was a tough weekend...

* Two suicides this week touched my inner circle. That's a rough deal, no matter who you are or what league you play in.

* Bro. Allen probably headed back to the Atlanta hospistal with fluid on his lungs, the second time this has happened after his heart surgery seven weeks ago. They should be able to fix him up but he's been battling. Not an easy thing to overcome and I'm proud of him.

* Sick as a dog Friday night; something I ate. (And they were vegetables, too. That hurts me.) Recovered and drove the tag-team duo Family von Frapp to Shreveport Saturday. Watched them team up for three pair of pants, two shirts, a lipstick and makeup foundation in a good-smelling store for less than 150 bucks, then ate a baked potato, dry, while they enjoyed steak and chicken as a husband and wife deserve to do. I can testify that the buttered bread was good.

* Up at 6 Sunday, drove to Lafayette, picked up JC Penney, drove to Lake Charles, funeral at 2 for Rico's son. Then graveside action while lightning zippered the battleship-gray sky; one person was very scared. (Me.) Tons of people there, tons of people at Rico's house afterward. Me and JC were the last to leave. Just us three for four hours; me and JC listened to Rico talk; I would have missed that for very few things. It really was a privilege to be there. Got home at 615 a.m., up at 9, work at 930. My fingers are sort of shaky. Talk to you later and I hope your night is good. Thanks for reading.

John 9:24-25
"Give glory to God," (the Pharisees) replied. "We know this man is a sinner."
"He replied, "Whether he is a sinner or not, I do not know. One thing I do know: I was blind, but now I see."