Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whale Wars (2nd in a series): "Are You Running From God?"

(My notes if you trust them. From Dr. Chris at FBC Ruston.)
Are You Runing From God?
Tarshish, where Jonah ran against God's command, was likely in present-day southern Spain, 2,500 miles from Jonah's home and 2,000 more miles away than Nineveh, where God had asked Jonah to go and preach. "But Jonah ran..."
Running From God Is a Race You Cannot Win
* Jonah had legitimate reasons NOT to go to Nineveh, but ...
* God never calls us to something without equipping us with all we need.
Why is it Unwise to Run from God?
1. Victory is not Possible
2. You Put Yourself in a Dangerous Position When You Run from God
3. You Put Others in Harm's Way (v. 5-11)
Runing from God is a Race Nobody Wins...