Saturday, November 26, 2011

Authentic For God

(My notes from FBC Ruston, guest Dennis Swanberg from West Monroe is the speaker)

John 11-12 (The Death and Resurrection of Lazarus)

You don't have to be 'odd for God.' Just be you, your BEST you. That's when you are most real, and authentic.
You're only as free as your captor ... In Christ you are free indeed.

This is a story of Mary and Martha and Lazarus, siblings who lived together. They were 'real.'

* They loved each other. Love your siblings

*People know who you love .. everyone knew Jesus loved Lazarus, and it's stated often in this text. Today's generation doesn't listen much -- they grew up surrounded by 'visuals.' But they do WATCH. They watch you. And know who and what you love.

* vs. 4 -- Even if we know something is happening that will glorify God, we might still have trouble with it, understanding it. So did Mary and Martha, concerning the death of their brother and Jesus' 'delay' in coming

* When God says you're dead, you're dead

* It's OK for real people to misunderstand each other (v 13-14)

* Is there anyone you would die for? v 16

* v 21 .. It is OK to be 'put out' with God -- as you love and believe Him.

* Before he goes to the cross, Jesus goes to Bethany to be with close friends. It is OK to have close friends -- you can't be 'close friends' with everybody.

* v 45 -- Many people believed because of Lazarus, even though he speaks not a word in the Bible. He was still a testimony...