Monday, April 13, 2009

"Don't Cry for Me, Kenny Perry..."

With all due respect to the Argentinian (Argentin?, Argentian? ????) who won, I was rooting for Kenny Perry at Augusta National because of the Geezer Factor. And he had The Masters won, too. If it had been just 70 holes. Or 71.

Bogey. Bogey. Playoff. Seeya.

Love my Kenneth Perry tho. 48 years and change, he would have been been the oldest Masters champ ever and continued The Year of the Sporting Geezer.

A 10 year old dog wins at the Westminster Dog Show.
Kenny wins the Masters.
A 4 year old wins the Kentucky Derby. (Wait...illegal.)

I usually grind the Sunday Masters. Sunday I watched for only 90 minutes, the most TV I've watched at one time, maybe total, in 8 months. And I left as Perry and Angel headed to 17, knowing I might miss a big finish. But I wanted to walk so I did, then came back and read about the collapse.

Hope your Easter was good. I think Abigail found the Money Egg, out at my sister's. It was the World's Fastest Egg Hunt; just barely beat the rain.