Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Way to Walk

A buddy of mine bought his 3-year-old son some cowboy boots. One morning the dad walked by as his son, sitting on the floor on his rear, tried wrestling a boot on, neck veins bulging, boot not budging.

“You’re trying to put your boots on the wrong feet.”

“But daddy,” the little boy looked up and said, trying hard but not understanding, “these are the only feet I got.”

As a Christian only six months into the walk, I’ve tried many mornings to meet the day with my new boots on the wrong feet. My brain spun so fast with so much, I couldn’t form a solid thought.

Some still small voice told me to slow down. (It might have been a doctor.) Rest. Sleep 7 or 8 hours for a change. Exercise. Eat right.

Be still.

God has given me new boots, a new way to walk. He’ll show me the way. He’ll explain if I study and pray and listen.

But do you ever get scared, even in placing your faith in the Sovereign God? Faith is messy business. Francis Schaeffer said that being a Christian means “to walk with a victorious limp.” Learning to trust and obey, dying to self, is a battle Abraham and Jacob and Moses and so many other Bible heroes fought. We are in good company. They pushed through; so can we.

So I have to take my time, put my boots on the right feet and with the right frame of mind. If I pray and pursue Him, he’ll show me where to walk.

The Bible tells us that someday, he’ll even let us wear His boots.