Friday, May 1, 2009

The eyes of a mentor and friend...

Me and my friend Dr. G, 70, went to the retirement home yesterday to visit one of the dearest people we know. It was his 90th birthday. My favorite English teacher.

We sat in cushioned chairs in the wide hall. He wore dress pants and a nice shirt and a sport jacket with brown socks and nice houseshoes, and we listened to him for an hour and it was vintage. I'll tell you more about him sometime.

This morning Dr. G mailed me some thoughts that came to him while he waited outside the retirement home for me...

"My wait out front afforded sights and sounds I can write about. Especially the old white woman helping the old black woman get out the front door and into her car. It took many minutes and priceless dialogue. And then the couple I knew asking me if I was "out here now?" Or the question, "Are you here to see your mother?" I said, "Wish I were." then the old man who came out and just sat down and looked west. Tried him a time or two with weather remarks, but he never responded. Hello in there. The ladies in the TV lounge looking toward the TV but really beyond it to see who was coming in or out. The activity director Mr. S. patted hands with. Mr. E. walking "this way." Ms. Carver and the Aleve bottle. "DON'T put the top back on! I won't be able to get it off!"

Real life out there at the retirement village. A side you don't want to dwell on much though. We should all go out there more.

A couple of priceless anniversaries today. My grandparents, Teddy and Ruth, were married 72 years ago today. I wish they were still here and I could visit them.

The other anniversary is too special and just for me; I'll keep that one inside for now.