Friday, May 8, 2009

Hope insurance covers that ...

Up Thursday morning at 4:45 to be at the dentist and then the doctor in Shreveport from Ruston by 7. Read a while, prayed a while ... and should have prayed a while longer, but at the time I didn't know I'd get my first prostate exam ever in about three hours.

My bad. Wish they'd have told me that earlier. So I could have stayed home.

All was well at the dentist. All was not as well at the doctor (see above -- or in this case "below") -- but I was healthy, so far. Lost a couple of pounds since last time but I'll get that back. Blood pressure good. My blood stuff will be back soon. The lady who draws blood said I had good veins; those zany flattering phlebotomists! She's nice; she talks about her grandsons and shows me pictures of them and I listen.

Someone was looking out for me because the timing was right all day. I'm getting more of that.

Ate lunch with my old friend Cap; he and his wife have prayed for me for four years now, and it's mattered.

Then met a good and gentle friend at Barnes & Noble for coffee -- decaf, actually. He used to drink a lot -- alcohol, AND coffee -- and it tore up his life but he's sober several years now. He said his first real moment of peace came several months into sobriety when he was anxious about some things that first sober Christmas season and then as he was hanging lights on his tree he realized that he was exactly where he was supposed to be, doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing, exactly when he said he'd do it, not hurting anyone or himself, instead actually helping, pushing in the right direction, and that he'd been doing that for a while. And has since. Good feeling.

I hit the Arcadia exit and it was Sarge calling to see if I could drink coffee in Ruston in 20 minutes. Perfect. Good to see him. Except I got some kind of fruit soy drink that was a little chalky. Maybe that was the flavor: "Chalky Pineapple Banana." But what should I expect?: it's soy. Anyway, the latest report from Houston is good; he and Rocky go back July 1 for another checkup. A two-year sentence was thrown at him -- but that was five years ago. Miracles keep happening.

We need another one. This dear retired lady I've met in Ruston got a bad diagnosis last weekend in Houston. She's so quiet and kind and her husband adores her and dotes and he should, and this sickness deal is just a bear. But her notes to me have been the same as her short sentences to me whenever she's seen me ... sincere and to the point and just what I need. "Remember, you're no longer the transgressor," she'll whisper. "You're a child of God." Or, "We'll both make it." Or "Marvel at God's compassion." That's it, and then she's gone. She bleeds gentleness and peace. She passes it on. Pray for her, please.

So I get home and am about to walk or work out and the phone beeps and it's a couple out eating so I told them to get me water and I got to hang with them while they ate. And with their nephew. I needed that.

My sisters and me will plant some azaleas at momma's this evening. It will be good to eat and see them. Then I'll walk and write and read. The people I love most love a weekend; I so hope they have a fun one.