Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thessalonians Series (Part 6, or so!)

(Notes from FBC Ruston, and Dr. Chris...)


1 Thess 4:11-12

Pious is the idea of being real and sincere in your spirituality. These days the connotation is a BAD thing and it's come to mean the opposite to the masses...

1. Live Humbly and Peacefully

* v. 11 -- a 'quiet' life, one at peace and at rest.

* It is impossible to be a positive influence for Christ if you are a troublemaker

2. Focus Your Corrections on the One Person You Have Control Over

* v. 11 -- "mind your own business"

* 2 Thess 3:11 -- "they are busybodies..."

* We are experts and wise at correcting others.

* Often those who don't have enough to do, focus on others

* Make your world better. How do you do that? Make yourself better

3. Do Honest Work

v. 11 Honest work is a good thing; in the Greek culture at the time this was written, Greek culture looked down on manual labor.

Church at Thessalonica was excited about the Second Coming, but Paul is reminded them that they need to stay about God's work in the meantime....Why?

a. For own welfare

v. 12 ...

2 Thess 3:10-12 .."work" equals "you get to eat"

Work if you can an earn your own way

b. It's good for the whole community

v. 12 -- spend life in positive activity

4. Live In a Way to be a Positive Influence ...

"so your daily life will win respect ... "

Lost people are watching us

Live to be a Positive Influence on the World