Friday, October 14, 2011

Vision Accomplished: 3rd In a Series


Book of Nehemiah

Three essentials in finding vision and accomplishing our purpose

1. FAVOR, sympathy from God in his leanings toward men

a. Favor with God -- many of us shoot for goals so low we don't need god's help; God wants to push us to things only He can accomplish, through us.

Neh 1:11 and 2:18: Nehemiah prays for success, for God's gracious hand, for His favor

b. Favor of Others -- Neh 1:11 and 2:1-5: "...favor in the king's sight..."

We should pray this often: "God help people in my life be sympathetic to my efforts toward them, in my spirit influence..."

c. Be a Favorable Person (as Nehemiah was)

Acts 2:47 -- "...enjoying the favor of all..."

Don't be a 'jerk for Jesus' ... those people never accomplish anything.

Lou Holtz "If you're ugly, dress better." Don't intentionally try to be off-putting.


Neh 2:10, 2:19 .. Nehemiah, the cupbearer for the king, is willing to leave comfort in the palace and be rediculed to accomplish God's vision .... Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm and sacrifice.


Neh 2:2 "I was very much afraid..."

Nehemiahn approaches the king, thought scared -- his request demanded faith

If faith is not challenged sometimes, we might not be really trying to accomplish much

Like a trapeze artist, we've got to be willing to let go.

* The visionary sees the wall already up before it's up...