Saturday, March 31, 2012


(notes from fbc ruston sunday morning, March 11, Charles Lowrey visiting preacher)

"The joy of the Lord is my strength."

RELAX, so you can be a person God can better use
A trusting heart equals a longer life, on average
Is what you do more important than who you are?

R = Renew your mind. Constantly renew your mind so you'll think the way God things. Life is a paradox, the Bible says, but we forget that and worry about things that don't matter. (There is wisdom in knowing WHEN to lose...)

E = Expectations. Life is difficult and there are trade-offs. Have realistic expectations. You can't have 'this' without 'that' (you can't live in Dallas with your dream job and not expect to be caught in traffic jams from time to time)

L = Long-term View of Life -- we live lives in seconds instead of in seasons, but God's a longterm God. See things from God's perspective ... all will work out. He is God, I am not. I am not the general manager of the universe

A = Appreciate What We Have ... Be content. Don't let your heart control your brain. The appreciative people are the most healthy mentally

X = EXchange Your Stress For His Peace

The ABCs of Christianity

Adam's family messed up
Battle is sin
C is Christ who lived the life we should have lived
D is it's done ... He has done it and it is finished
E is Enjoy, relax
F is faith ... What matters is what your faith is in, not how much faith you have. The OBJECT of the faith is what matters

If your takeoffs and landings come out even, the flight is always OK. God has promised that your takeoffs and landings will come out even.