Friday, March 30, 2012

Revival Ready

(Notes from Sunday night, 3/4, fbc ruston, message from layman Jeremy Magee, a beautiful human being!)

*Do you want the best for Ruston?
What Ruston needs mainly is Jesus ... Are we at fbc on mission for God in our town?

Mat 28: 18-20 .. The Great Commission ....
2 Chron 7:14 -- "If my people who are called by my name..."

*Do we car about our sin as we should? we do not see our sin as God does. We worry more about the consequences than about offending almighty God.
Key to individual/corporate revival is repentance. Repent = to change your mind (about your sin), to agree with God about your sin
Our lives are to be a process of continual repentance
a. keep short account with God
b. as time passes, we rationalize sin and quench the spirit

* If other things are more important than God, that is idolatry
*We try to rationalize and barter with God when we wish to remain non-obedient
* To be a disciple, step one is repentance...this is the sign that you are ready to be revived, and used to help change a life, the church, your town

Unrepented sin drives a wedge between you and the Savior.