Saturday, April 28, 2012

God's Thoughts On Singleness and Marriage ('To Corinth With Love' Series)

(from my notes Sunday night, 4/22, fbc ruston, dr. chris)

1 Corinthians 7

Singleness and Marriage are Both from God

1. The Single Life Can Be From God
* Jesus and Paul were not married as ministers
v. 1, 6-8 ... singleness and celibacy is a gift of God for a lifetime or for a season
* Acts 26:10 -- Paul likely marrried to Jewish woman when he was a Pharisee
* v 25-26 -- "the present crisis" .. (? -- could be one of several things) .. but in v. 32-37, he continues speaking of singleness as the easiest way to devote time to the Lord

2. Marriage Can Be From God
* Gen 2:18, 24 -- God invents marriage
* v. 26, 36 -- marriage is from God

3. Marriage Is A Serious Committment!
a. When married, you are not your own
* v 3-5, do not defraud your spouse
* The best thing that can happen in some marriages is a metaphorical funeral, a dying to self
b. The Marriage vow Is Very Serious
v 10-11 .. don't divorce, as much as it depends on your, and form this point on... If you do, remain single.
v. 12-16 -- Try to make it work, a novel idea in Corinth then, when a man might be divorced 20 times. If the unbeliever leaves, let them go; you are free
v 39-40 ... 'Til death do us part

Make right choices today in your singleness and in your marriage