Thursday, September 6, 2007

At home with Mike the Tiger, (who is not talking to the media)

Got these today from my friend "I Can Putt As Good As They Can" in Baton Rouge, including the first one in which the Tiger is about to eat a child. The pics were sent to him from his buddy, with this note...

"I spent about an hour visiting with the new Mike today .... and he's really got some personality. Get the young ones out there to see him .... he absolutely loves kids. Folks have fallen in love with him. He was released into his territory today and he turned into a real ham... He's 2 years old and was in contact with humans on a regular basis at Great Cats of Indiana. He stayed near the windows today as long as anyone was there .... especially small children. While I was there he continued to go back to one window that was packed with about 7 kids .... and stood in the water almost leaning against the window. He's really made a connection with the fans already..."

LSU plays Virginia Tech in Tiger Stadium Saturday (ESPN 8:15 pm, and KWKH 1130-AM)