Thursday, September 13, 2007

Missing that one Spot...

Lots of kind mail today, which I appreciate, after people read about good old Spot, our supplemental dog to our older No. 1 dog, Elfie. Spot died late Tuesday night. Elfie continues to wonder where Spot is, though for the past 12 years Spot literally dogged poor Elfie's every step, almost to the point that Elfie needed a nerve pill. I feel bad for him today...

This picture is of Spot in the middle -- he didn't have any spots -- and his two older brothers, 10 years ago. These three had a lot of fun together.

People write letters and send well-wishes when a pet dies because they know the feeling. Anyone's who's had a member-of-the-family pet can relate. Here's one of my favorites; received it today. You'll love it; I did. It's really quite a tale.

Finally, thank you for the notes. I'd hoped it would make you think of your pets, and either bring back a happy memory or cause you to go give your current pet a hug, maybe an extra bone or pork chop today. I think it did that. I know and have known some wonderful dogs and cats, mine and others'; it makes me feel good just to think of them.

And, you'd have liked Spot. He was a sweet guy who always made you laugh and, seriously, never got angry or pushy. He was a good example for me -- except in the area of hygiene. I'm laughing thinking of him right now, rolling around in the leaves and the first...good lord he stayed dirty...


I am sorry to hear that you lost Spot. He had a good life and obviously a lot of love.

My daughter was at school Tuesday watching "All Dogs Go to Heaven."
Her teacher was in a parent/teacher conference so they had a sub for a little while. One little boy, who is rather disruptive blurted out "dogs don't go to heaven." Well at that point it was on. Codi informed him that dogs' bodies don't go to heaven but their souls do.
So Spot is hanging out in heaven.

We had two labs, one black and one brown. We go the black one from animal welfare in Baton Rouge right after we got married. She was from a litter of 12 and an alligator came up from the Tickfaw river and ate seven of the puppies. She was the only female that survived and no one wanted her. We took her, named her Gator and she grew up to be beautiful.

When Ross went off to Memphis to play arena football he got a chocolate lab and we named her Allie. Yes put them together in reverse order of when we got them. She had quite a pedigree but she walked in Gator's shadow like crazy. Couldn't even have a thought without Gator approving it.

We couldn't even bring Gator to the vet without bringing Allie along for the ride and the stay because she would dig out.

Well we lost Gator last November. She had come down with oldness disease and had been going downhill for a while. We took her to the vet and he said her heart was giving out. The first day she was there Allie was fine (we didn't take her that day). The second day she dug out, someone miraculously found her in the middle of Ellerbe Road in front of Holy Angels, called our vet and they picked her up and let her be with Gator.

We decided not to put Gator down but to bring her home. She died after midnight and Allie layed right next to her. When we got ready to bury her, Ross dug the hole and we brought Allie to the back corner of the yard and she stood there next to me while Ross buried Gator. We knew she understood, and she's not dug out since.

Allie is now 12 years old and she has a growth on her esophagus which will eventually send her to heaven. For the remainder of her time here we decided to get her a new puppy. We got Dixie Belle two weeks ago from some friends. The mom is a lab, and Dixie looks like a lab but we have no idea who the daddy was. We also have two cats, one rescued from certain death from animal control. Needless to say, we feel your pain and Casey's I'm sure. Saying a prayer that Spot now has the biggest bone in heaven...