Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo...

Here are The Best Playground Games in Playground History...

1. Pick-up baseball, and the game continues all week and the next week you choose sides again. If a kid is absent, too bad: you play shorthanded.
2. Making fun of the kid with the big head who always trips, (above.)

3. ANYthing with the orange bucket ('abover'.) Boy, the days sure flew by when you were one of the first ones on the playground and could get one of the orange buckets before they were all gone.

4. Swingset/Slide Combo.
5. Tackle the man with the ball.
6. Tackle the teacher with the clipboard. (Fun, but you could only play it once.)

7. Tag. Classic.
8. Red Rover -- IF a substitute made you play a stupid 'group' game, which was dumb.
9. Dodgeball, if it rained and you had to go to the gym.
10. Poker.
Yesterday's effort in the paper was about recess, and how an elementary school in Colorado has banned "Tag" because some kids felt threatened and bothered, and probably tired from chasing people and not being able to catch them to make them "It." Sigh...
Here's my favorite email in response...
Enjoyed your column on "No More Tag in Colorado". When I first heard this last week, I had to pull over and wrap my head in duct tape so it wouldn't explode, then I just gripped the steering wheel til my knuckles turned white. I keep asking myself what is wrong with these people and I just dont come up with any logical answers. Thanks for writing about it.