Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More of the 7 (and counting) wonders...

From a reader who wishes to remain anonymous so he won't 'date' himself...

Worm's Hilltop House was a great restaurant on Cross Lake. Each table had a lazy susan loaded with food. It was always a treat to go there, as a kid and as an adult.

There was a great Monsour's on Texas Street, but I don't recall if it was the No. 1 or 2. Martha always ordered fried oysters and still says the were the best in town. I got the hot open-faced roast beef sandwich (on a plate). Very good. There was a counter on one side of the room where you could eat and watch the guy shuck oysters. There were tables on the other side of the room, and we sat there. I am tying to think of the right word to describe the appearance - crummy? down to earth? laid back? early 1900s?
No matter, it was pleasant, friendly and had great food. Wish it were still there.

We ate once or twice at the Ravana, but I don't remember the details.

Never went to Saks.

T here used to be an interesting little short-order café in the alley that used to separate the old Journal building and the old post office building (now the library). Had a one-word man's name, but can't remember it! Only a few stools and , I think, a pinball machine.

The good ol' days really were good.