Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We (Were) Gathered Here Today ...

... to watch "Dearly Beloved."

The play ran four days last week and was the Dixie's biggest money-maker of the season so far. I saw it three times. I watched it so much I could actually tell Tina Jo and her identical twin sister apart.

Standing in the cast shot above, on the left and in prayer mode, is Casey Allen. He played the role of a UPS driver and minister-in-training, Justin Waverly. He is "pulled off his UPS route to officiate in the ceremony when the regular minister ends up in the county drunk tank on the day of the wedding," and hijinks ensue. I think my favorite line of Casey's was between a shouted "Oh thank you sweet Lordamighty!" and an understated "Well, this is a MUCH better sign..."

I loved it and thank the cast and look forward to the next Dixie gig in my continued show of support for the arts and what have you...