Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why I Hate My Bracket

I hate my bracket, and here it is.

I hate my bracket because I, of all people, am the person who picked it.

My picks are too preppy. But picking all No. 1's, that's "picking like a girl." (No offense.)

The Zags will hose me. They always do. Kansas does too so I'm giving them a little rope but not much; they have hurt me too much.

Belmont? I hope so.

My faith is in Old Dominated and, foolishly, in San Diego State, coached by a man who won the title the last time i actually witnessed and covered a Final Four, which seems like about 200 years ago...

I probably should have ridden Purdon't a little longer ...
Syracuse won't sniff the Final Four but for some reason I've picked them to. And Notre Dame too. Notre Dame? I am an idiot.

I hate my bracket. And here it is.

Ohio State over George Mason
Kentucky over West Va
Syracuse over Xaviet
Washington over UNC

Kentucky over Ohio State
Syracuse over Washington
Syracuse over Kentucky

Duke over Michigan
Texas over Memphis
UConn over Cindy
SDSU over Temple

Texas over Duke
SDSU over UConn
SDSU over Texas

Kansas over UNLV
Louisville over Richmand
Purdon't over Georgetown
Notre Dame over A&M

Louisville over Kansas
ND over Purdon't
ND over Louisville

ODU over Pitt
Utah State over Belmont
BYU over Zags
Florida over Michigan State

ODU over Utah State
Florida over BYU
Florida over Old Domination

ND beats Florida
San Diego State beats Syracuse

San Diego State 72, ND 68

I hate my bracket. It's the worst bracket ever. I hate it ....