Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One of the Greatest Toys in History

My little sis is trying to hunt this game down. Just like it used to hunt her down. I chased my sisters everywhere with a bear like this, back in the day.

Below is a description of the game off the Web. One auction site is even selling this thing WITH AN EXTRA BEAR! An extra bear? To have one would be joy, to have two --- I can't find the words! Anyway ...

Bop A Bear Motorized Target Game - Marx 1960s

Large 14" long, 10" tall, 7" wide Motorized Bear takes 4 "D" batteries. He has "bump & go" action. When you shoot him with the dart, he changes direction, growls and moves on. Also when he hits something, he changes direction. Most are missing the battery cover, which is large and covers the whole motor compartment. Set originally came with a double barrel shotgun type dart gun and the 6 rubber tipped darts. Box is large display type with great graphics.

Marx also made a Rabbit Target game called Rabbit Hunt. This was a windup rabbit.
one auction site selling it WITH AN EXTRA BEAR!!!

If you happen upon this bear and you don't want him, well, please let me know!