Monday, June 15, 2009

A new hit from the Lonesome Dove-Brothers Band...

My dad is breathing on his own again in an Atlanta hospital after 12 hours of surgery on his heart Friday. The nurse there reports that all is well, that he's on a lot of medicine and talking out of his head. (She probably thinks it's because of the medicine.)

Thank you for your prayers for him. If he can get some strength and get a couple of days of breathing on his own under his belt, he should be good for another few thousand miles.

I wish he'd have been able to watch Lonesome Dove last night, one of his favorites. I sat down to eat cereal, turned on the TV and there was Lonesome Dove. I was helpless to turn it off. Watched the last hour of it and the first 30 minutes of the 'encore' they played after it. Most TV I've watched at one time in 10 months. It is the best made-for-TV movie/mini-series ever, except for maybe Band of Brothers. Tough call.