Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peach Week updates...

Peach Festival Week in Ruston.
Number of peaches I've seen: 0.
Number of peaches I've eaten: 0.
Will keep you updated.
After nearly two weeks in the hospistol, daddy will go home today. He had heart surgery June 12.
Actually very busy at work as two mags are being finished. ("Mags" is journalistic and marketing talk for "magazine." Part of our professino's sophisiticated lingo. Went Einstein on you there for a second and I'm sorry.) BUT, it's Fried Chicken Day at Tech in the Ropp Center. Fried Chicken Day is the great equalizer. This is always a good thing. Dessert is peach cobbler!, (which doesn't count as a true peach, but it's always good. Tech can make some peach cobbler. They should offer a degree in Peach Cobbler.)
Good luck to the LSUers tonight. You could argue that they pulled starting hurler Austin Ross (a Shreveporter) too early last night -- but somebody would have had to have pitched a shutout for LSU to win. Can't win many games with just a run. A true single championship game tonight: you don't get many of those. Hope it's a good game for you.