Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wiley's behind hurts, but Cubs beat Braves 3-2 in 11

(FROM KATE) 9:45 Wed Nite

Hi Friends,

Wiley has had a good day...progressed from face mask oxygen to a nose tube, had a real meal this evening, is sitting in a chair, and of course charming his nurses.
He looks pretty good and is in very little pain. Biggest pain is sitting up for long periods and experiencing a sore backside.
Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, I relay all your conversations and notes to him and it has made him feel good.


This is me. Rain here. Hit the daily double tonight. Ate supper at the Protestant church then, since it was raining and I couldn't really stay outside, went to see Angels and Demons. Very Papal. Haven't seen that many Cardinals in one place since I was in Busch Stadium. It was a good show. I realize that's not a very comprehensive review; I'm just sleepy.