Friday, June 5, 2009

Wiley: 3 days after 5 bypasses...

(Wiley Hilburn had heart surgery Tuesday in Shreveport. Five bypasses. If you are nice he might let you borrow some of his Frequent Bypass Points.)

He was "promoted" to a regular room Thursday and "he is enjoying the peace and quiet," Kate wrote. "All is going well, he is doing a lot of breathing therapy. He is eating a full meal of real food now, and sitting in a chair for a good while. Tomorrow they have promised a walk.
"He is bemoaning the fact that the Cubs are not on the cable available, but he has his latest WWII book when he gets tired of Wheel of Fortune. He sends greetings to all and appreciates all of your support through thoughts and prayers. His visitors are limited and he tires easily, so he's not doing any phoning yet, but he says to tell everyone He's 'doing OK and thank you for the support.'"