Monday, June 29, 2009

Post-Peach Week Update...

Peach Festival Week in Ruston is over for the '09 season.
Number of peaches I saw during Peach Festival Week: 0.
Number of peaches I ate during Peach Festival Week: 0.

O-for-The Festival.


It happens.

But it looked like everyone had fun. I didn't get to go to anything but the parade came by my place. I wanted to go see Ricky Skaggs Saturday night (my buddy called him Ricky Scruggs, sigh...) but had to go to Natchitoches instead.
In Natchitoches was the 50th annual LSWA Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremonies. This was my 7th one to attend, I think. Very proud for Bob Griffin and OK Buddy Davis; they both were excellent and sweet and sincere in accepting induction by earning the Distinguished Service Award in Sports Journalism honor, the most coveted tangible honor in the profession (not counting the coveted LSU football parking pass; those things are like gold bars.) Also much fun listening to my traveling companions from Ruston on the way there and back: Dr. Pat "Fleet Feet" Garrett and the only father-son duo in the Hall, Dub Jones and his son Bert. These three together are hilarious without meaning to be and it's a beautiful thing. Definitely my third favorite Hall trip, understandably behind the two I got to make with my then-fiance. The ceremony is always WAY too long, but it's always a great night for the presenters and the inductees and the fans who get to see so many of Louisiana's athletic memory-makers each summer.
Ordered a No. 3 at Waffle House yesterday evening with Mr And Mrs Frapp and was given the No. 2 instead. I hate that. Ordered the hash browns scattered and smothered and topped, but they forgot the topped part. Hurt me. But I know my attitude is improving because you know what?: it was fine. And the Frapps are basically Waffle House rookies and they loved it. So see?: It all worked out.
A new Burger King is opening in Arcadia today! And it rained for five whole minutes here in Ruston. It wasn't much -- it happend just after noon and I stood out in it -- but it was better than nothing.