Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anybody got a crescent the Russian can borrow?...

Remember when the nice astronaut lady lost her toolbag (SEEYA!) while spacewalking outside the International SpaceStation? When something starts floating off into space, it's an issue. You can't just reach down and pick it up. Well, I mean, you CAN, but you'd have to reach down to, say, India. I felt bad for her. Fortunately, the special tools only cost, well.......

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER -- A tool bag lost in space is now space history.

Astronaut Heidi-Marie Stefanyshyn-Piper flew aboard STS-126 and lost the bag full of specialized space tools worth about $100,000 during a spacewalk.

The tool bag met its end Monday, when it plunged into the earth’s atmosphere and was incinerated.

The bag has been tracked by members of the U.S. Air Force at their Joint Space Operations center since November 18, 2008 when it floated away.

"There was that split-second thinking that maybe I can go jump for it and grab it. Then I realized that it would just make everything worse and then we'd have two floating objects -- one of which would be me," she said in an interview from orbit the day after the spacewalk.