Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy birthday wishes to ...

* ... Mrs. von Frapp, who is 178 today. She'll relax tonight with her youthful husband, some Geritol, and a football game. Go Titans!

* Daddy is all doped up in the hospital in Atlanta but doctors say he's recovering nicely and should be home over the weekend. His shoulder's going to hurt him a lot, which I don't quite understand since they operated on his LUNG! But hey, I'm just happy for him that he'll get to go home soon, put his Claiborne Parish sheriff's department hat on and kick back with his cracked rib and some tea. Some of my other peeps are suffering from nicks and bruises, but they are still in the game.

* Found this prayer a couple of days ago, and right on time. People who have sort of known me have always felt I was an optimist because I was mostly smiling. The few people who knew me really well would agree that I was a pessimist and, at best, a pessimist with a decent attitude. Lord, deliver me...

"Lord, let me be an expectant Christian. Let me expect the best from You, and let me look for the best in others. If I become discouraged, Father, turn my thoughts and my prayers to You. Let me trust You, Lord, to direct my life. And, let me be Your faithful, hopeful, optimistic servant every day that I live. Amen."

* Hope you have a good weekend. Seeya!