Friday, August 7, 2009

Love believes all things...

Who but God would have thought to make a whale AND a dolphin, a penguin and a puppy, a squirrel and a sloth.

What kind of man is it who makes both the eagle and the hummingbird, the seas and the water well, the Rockies and the rocks, the stars and the starfish.

Waves and wind, sand and sea, sun and moon. What a man, who gives gifts like those.

A guy reminded me the other day to look for God's gifts all around. All the things he's made for us. And he reminded me to do the next right thing. Do the basics of building this relationship with God. Pray for awareness. Help somebody. ("Make 'em laugh!") Perform the most obvious and needful tasks. There is plenty of magic in the mundane.

But at the same time, don't discount the divine, he said, or forget that the supernatural can overcome the natural in a heartbeat. "The most amazing miracle in the Bible is that of conversion, a person yielding to God and being changed in ways that humans cannot begin to measure accurately." Don't give up on people; Jesus didn't give up on Peter, on Paul, on Moses, on Matthew. The list goes on.

And he's not going to give up on you. Or on me. Not today.

"Love believes all things..."