Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm tru$ting in ... ?

Generosity is not as much an overflow of wealth as it is an overabundance of faith. Stinginess, on the other hand, is a sure sign that a person trusts things instead of God. And make no mistake, we serve what we trust.

-- Charles R. Swindoll, "Ragged-Edge Faith and Reckless Generosity," Insights (May 2007)

Sleeping For School (Not IN School): An encouraging and supportive list addressing the importance of sleep for back-to-school teens is here.

Dad update: Resting at home, sore but recovering. Thank you for asking about him, and thank you for prayers for him.

Mom update: Loves her dentist! Got a new tooth, didn't hurt (this time!) and all is well.

Casey update: Last home game of the regular season tonight at Fair Grounds Field. Don't know if he's working the playoffs or not. His squad this week, El Paso, lost again last night, but like I told him, it shouldn't be a surprise: their first name starts with "L." L-Paso. ... Hope they get the W tonight; a winning locker room tips better.
Casey might actually be looking forward to school starting in a couple of days.

Pickles update: Ben is 5 and a friend of mine and has made more pickles from his home garden's final batch of cucumbers from this high-yield Cucumber Season. So we could possibly have more homemade pickles on the job site either today or tomorrow. It has been the Summer of Brine. Sweet! Ben's got it together.

Hope your day is fun. Seeya!