Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cracked ribs hurt

Bro Allen Update: My dad had heart surgery back at the first of the summer. He showed me his scar when I visited him this weekend. It's a nice one.

He had to go back into the hospistal today for a surgery scheduled to drain fluid off one of his lungs. That happens after heart surgery, they tell me. Like his heart surgery -- it was to last six hours and lasted 13 -- this was more complicated than they had feared. They couldn't do it with the tiny incision thing but had to made a big one and crack a rib. And his diaphram, which helps us breathe, isn't working just right. He's supposed to be OK, but he won't get out for three days and the recovery time is 4 weeks instead of a few days as we'd hoped. Cracked ribs are bad hombres.
I've come to know my dad a little better lately; I feel bad for him because patience hasn't been one of his stronger points. But he's learning. And I'm proud that he's been fairly patient through a tough summer. I hope he's eating ribs soon instead of recovering from a cracked one. He does love to eat.

Thank you for your prayers for him. We all could use someone praying for us. Thank you for your prayers for me, too.